2018 LCC CAMI Sportsfest Tip-off

And so it begins...

The annual LCC family day sports-fest has officially started last Saturday, 13th of January 2018 which is hosted by The Christian Athletes Ministry International (CAMI).

The event consist of different sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton etc...
LCC family church members, other churches affiliated with LCC and CAMI members exclusively will compete for 7 consecutive Saturdays.

The tip-off was a success where it started on the parade of all the competing teams, followed by praise & worship, exhortation of the Living Word, word of encouragement from our Senior Pastor, awarding of Best in Uniform (basketball & volleyball) and Best Muse. All athletes took an oath of sportsmanship as well before the games started.

I am excited and looking forward for the upcoming dates of games and specially the results of who will bag the championship award on all the events.

Here are some still images of the tip-off, comment below who do you think will emerge victorious!!!

Glory to you Jesus!!!


Norman de gracia 11 months ago

Glory to God.

Reggie Esguerra 11 months ago

Praise the Lord!

Gee Al Haddad 11 months ago

Wow good job CAMI! Glory be to God alone!

Ptr. Jade 11 months ago

Great Job!

robin 11 months ago

Praise God!!!He is awesome..